Nurse Practitioner

Reports to: Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer, NP Lead

The primary function of the Nurse Practitioner will provide appropriate care to patients and their families in a compassionate and professional manner, within the Nurse Practitioner scope of practice as outlined in 360 Clinic policies and procedures. This role will be at our testing centers, and on-location testing sites. This position will be responsible for carrying out COVID-19 team to patient initiatives.

Job Responsibilities

  • Collect data pertinent to the healthcare consumer’s health or the situation. Performs nasopharyngeal, anterior nasal, and oropharyngeal swab specimen collections. 

  • Delegates elements of care to appropriate healthcare workers in accordance with any applicable legal or policy parameters or principles. 

  • Collaborates with healthcare consumer and other key stakeholders in the conduct of scope of practice. 

  • Contributes to quality of patient experience.

  • Evaluates one’s own and others nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statutes, rules and regulations. 

  • Meets with supervisees regularly and provides ongoing feedback and support including opportunities for professional development

  • Utilizes appropriate resources to plan, provide and sustain evidence based services that are safe and effective. 

  • Complies with and helps enforce standard organizational policies and procedures as described in 360 clinic toolbox including but not limited to employee handbook and 360 clinic handbook. 

  • Maintains inventory and purchasing of needed supplies and equipment

  • Other duties as requested by Management.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • MA Degree 

  • NP valid California license to practice as a Physician Assistant in the State of California.

  • DEA license 

  • Ability to consult and treat patients of all ages

  • Experience in ER, urgent care or similar setting (minimum 1 year) 

  • Availability to work in other clinic locations

  • Ability to work on site and travel between sites required. 

  • Proficiency in MS office and patient management software

Working Conditions

  • General field, standing for long periods, extended care facility, patient setting, exposure to infectious diseases, travel by automobile