Medical Assistant

Reports to: Clinical/Medical Lead

The primary function of the Medical Assistant will be responsible for providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the medical operation and have control over the location for that day. You will support doctors and patients through a variety of tasks related to patient care management, organization and communication. The target is to complete all activities accurately, with high quality in a timely manner. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Interview patients and document basic medical history. 

  • Takes vital signs of patients. 

  • Provides test kit to conduct swab tests. 

  • Exemplifying caring and compassionate customer service to create an excellent patient experience. 

  • Provide exemplary interpersonal skills and ability to interact with patients and families in a wide variety of sensitive situations. 

  • Performs screening and treatments by gathering information related to health maintenance and documenting patient care. 

  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills and decisive judgement in an often-hectic environment and possess the ability to work cohesively on a team and independently with minimal supervision. 

  • Utilizes standard precautions, complies with policies and other regulatory agency standards. 

  • Must be able to work collaboratively with coworkers. 

  • Ensures tests are tracked and logged, and that the care team is in receipt of communication. 

  • Monitors inventory

  • Other duties as requested by Management.

Skills & Qualifications

  • High school Diploma, GED  

  • Medical Assistance (Degree, Certification in CCMA or Experience) 

  • Knowledge of medical office management systems and procedures

  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work

  • Social perceptiveness and service oriented

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong organizational and planning skills

  • Proficiency in MS office and patient management software